True Vine’s Story

In 1997, True Vine Evangelical Outreach Ministries began its journey as D.M.W.F.C (Discipling Men and Women for Christ), a one-year residential transitional life recovery program aimed at assisting individuals in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Despite successfully guiding individuals towards life improvement, it became apparent that certain churches were hesitant to include reformed alcoholics and drug addicts in their services, leading to discomfort for these individuals. Recognizing the necessity for an welcoming community in 2004, Pastor Ralph Garth connected with the Christian Service Mission through Grace Presbyterian Church. They offered a vacant church in the Avondale area, proposing that if a ministry flourished within a year, the property would be handed over for a symbolic $1.00. Pastor Garth embraced the challenge, giving rise to the inception of True Vine Evangelical Outreach Ministries. That same year, Pastor Garth and his wife, Kathleen Garth, were blessed with the establishment of a thriving congregation.

Today this ministry has became a haven where individuals dealing with addiction, homelessness, abuse, prostitution, and various challenges could find hope in Jesus Christ. The ministry flourished with regular Sunday worship services, Wednesday night Bible studies, and Saturday morning door-to-door outreach. As the church expanded, Pastor Garth developed a meaningful relationship with Brookwood Baptist Church, facilitated by members Pastor Tim Clark and Bryant Bonds. This connection led to Pastor Garth becoming a member of the Birmingham Baptist Association, which also owned Inglenook Baptist Church, seeking someone to initiate ministry there. As a result God’s favor continued and on Easter Sunday 2012, True Vine Evangelical Outreach Ministries held its inaugural service in the church where it stands today.

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Young Adult Minister

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